Sub-contract Production Weco-tec is a Sub-contract production Job for David Innes of: RealBasics.com The Design was created by Joshua Huisenga of: ChalkBox Creative. Styling with SASS I started working with a site built on a responsive premium theme, reviewed the visual designs for technical features, font, style, size, color, and wrote custom Scss to complete … Continue reading WECO

Studio 4141 web site

Project This is the Portfolio web site of Melissa Evans a contemporary abstract artist. Created for Barkingmad Web Collective. Design Decisions As a portfolio web site we chose a clean styled, responsive theme so as not to detract from the art work. By starting with a professional portfolio theme , Portfolio+  with features that fit … Continue reading Studio 4141 web site

Studio 4141 logo design

Branding with web fonts Studio 4141 logo design started as an extension of web branding. We started the task by looking at open source Web fonts suitable for both web @font-face usage and print design. Design Decisions The clients choose Poiret One out of the many fonts presented. I chose to outline the font in … Continue reading Studio 4141 logo design

TBIHousing theme

TBIHousing a new non profit TBIHousing was a new non profit, with hopes of providing access to resource and the development of a Residential Home specifically catering to the needs of patients recovering from Traumatic Brain Injuries. As a new entity they had not developed branding, or a clear business model for us to work … Continue reading TBIHousing theme