4 Seasons Home Inspection

Sub-contract Production

4 Season Home inspection is a Sub-contract production Job for David Innes of:

Converting a Less theme frame work to SASS

4 Seasons is built on the premium theme: Canvas by Woo-Themes. Following the adoption of Sass by the WordPress Core, Woo-Themes decided to adopt Sass as well in their version of: Canvas 5.7.0.  Future updates of Canvas would subsequently break any child themes customized with Less.

Conversion Process

The conversion process consisted of 4 parts:

  1. Launching two versions of the site, one as visual guide and the second to convert.
  2. Replacing the old version of Canvas from the core and replacing it with the newer
    Sass version.
  3. Replicating the new Sass files dependencies in the child theme
  4. Replacing Less styled variables and mixins in the style sheet with Sass versions.

Breaking it to fix it

When I replaced the Canvas version with the new update, I basically broke the site visually.
After replicating the new file structure, I slowly went through the Custom Scss file, replacing any Less styled calls with Sass version and re-compiling it as I went.
The search and replace tool made quick work of my task and soon the new site looked like the original reference site.

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