Brewer Web site


Brewer was a small family owned independent brick and mortar, lawn mower repair shop in need of a web presence to compete with its bigger commercial competitors.

Design Influences

In order to compete with the commercial corporate branded themes, I borrowed as much of the style and feel of the big trusted brands as possible and infused them into the Brewer Branding and logo design.

Design Process

The Design Process included a great deal of discovery and planning before I started designing and coding. Here is some of the phases I went through to create this website

  • Client Interview
  • User Profile
  • Information architecture
  • Copy writing
  • Branding
  • Wire-frames
  • Visual designs.
  • HTML / PHP Protosite.


The final proto site was hand coded with Php includes for the header, footer and navigation. It features a jQuery slider on the front page and jQuery tabs on the service pages.

Technical features

  • PHP includes
  • jQuery slider
  • jQuery tabs