Del Mar Cycle web site

Ux/Ui of eCommerce

The Del Mar Cycle website is an Ux / Ui prototype of an online eCommerce parts retailer.
It was created as a user-centered design study of the “User Experience” negotiating an eCommerce purchase.

Goals of the study

The goal is to understand how the user experience dictates the design, functionality, features and content of a website all while successfully achieving the client’s business goals.

Client Model

Del Mar Cycles is a brick and mortar, moped / scooter dealership with a repair shop that has an extensive OEM and vintage parts department catering to moped and Vespa enthusiasts. Del Mar Cycles has a strong walk-in clientele, but would like to further their reach and extend their part sales nationwide.

Design collateral

  • Business goals
  • User profiles
  • Functional specifications
  • Branding specifications
  • Content inventory
  • Information Architecture
  • Interaction Design
  • Wire Frames
  • Visual Designs
  • HTML Protosite