Aliaslead logo design

Branding Some times I am my own client. I created the aliaslead logo to fulfill  a personal need for branding and self promotion. Letter Mark Logo I playfully used my personal initials to create a letter mark logo for use as my new branded moniker or alias.

Del Mar Cycle logo design

Objective: Create boutique branding for a Southern California moped and scooter shop that reflects the local scooter and surf culture of the area.

Recovery Ball logo design

Objective Create branding for a heavy metal band to use in their self promotion and an upcoming web project Creative Influences Colors and Imagery reflect the style and artistic influence of a band member I interviewed. The use of the sugar scull imagery was inspired by his collection of “day of the dead” artwork.

Brewer logo design

Objective Brewer was a small family owned brick and mortar, lawn mower repair shop.The goal was to brand Brewer as an  authorized service provider of the major manufacturers. Creative Influences The Brewer logo design is meant to evoke the branding, colors, and typography of the major “lawn mowers manufacturers” whose products they service and repair.

Brewer Web site

Project Brewer was a small family owned independent brick and mortar, lawn mower repair shop in need of a web presence to compete with its bigger commercial competitors. Design Influences In order to compete with the commercial corporate branded themes, I borrowed as much of the style and feel of the big trusted brands as … Continue reading Brewer Web site