Precision Precast Erectors

Sub-contract Production

Precision Precast Erectors is a Sub-contract production Job for David Innes of:

Working with themes

PPE is a child theme called Duo built on Woo-Themes Canvas. Working with a theme and plug-ins gives you a base set of styles and functionality to start with. It still requires custom styling and coding as content is placed.

Styling with SASS

I re-styled Duo’s color palette to reflection the branding colors of PPE by using Sass lighten and darken to emulate the varying shades of blue in the logo. I also re-styled the text and heading styles created by the various plugins for consistent color palette, style and alignment.

Creating Consistent Columns

I utilized short codes and functions to create a consistent 3 column layout throughout the site. I broke up the home page content into 3 columns using the themes built in short codes.

The project page was created using the Projects plug-in which I searched for the documentation to find a function to overwrite the default four columns to three.