Recovery Ball web site

An Original Dark WordPress theme

Recovery Ball web design is an original dark word-press theme written from scratch for a local heavy metal band playing the circuit in Seattle. It is modeled to have the same features of a commercial band theme.

Technical Requirements

Band themes have very unique needs and technical requirements differing from most small business web sites. It was a unique and fun experience to research the components needed and create branding and a logo for the Band.


It’s designed to be used in conjunction with GigPress , a powerful word press venue listing and booking program prominently displayed on the home page. It includes a Calendar page of upcoming events pulled from the upcoming venues , a contact form designed to help the band take bookings, media pages filled with photos and videos of their local performances , a music player of their top songs on every page and links to their social media sites.

Planning phase

In my research of Band web sites, I was looking at both style and functionality. This gave me ideas about what features to emulate, site structure differences for music based web sites and ideas about plug-ins I would like to look at .

Design collateral

  • Discovery summery
  • Scope outline
  • Logo Design
  • Wireframes
  • HTML protosite
  • WordPress theme