TBIHousing theme

TBIHousing a new non profit

TBIHousing was a new non profit, with hopes of providing access to resource and the development of a Residential Home specifically catering to the needs of patients recovering from Traumatic Brain Injuries. As a new entity they had not developed branding, or a clear business model for us to work with.

what we created

The group I managed did their best to create a branded identity and a original WordPress theme we hoped would fulfill TBIH‘s initial needs and also accommodate growth potential the client has yet to imagine.

My Roles

As a team project I both managed and participated in portions of the design and development.Later as the project was under way and I was free from administration tasks I was able to participate a round of visual designs, and move their domain registration to more suitable hosting.

My contributions

  • Client interview
  • Project proposal
  • Project schedule
  • Information architecture
  • Content Outline
  • Functional specifications
  • 1 of 3 Visual Designs
  • Domain transfer and host migration