WordPress Tutorials

Were to begin:

So you have a brand new WordPress website. Now what?
It’s a little like having a brand new car and not knowing how to drive. It’s time to learn!

You can take your brand new website out for a spin…….
OR, it might be wise to log a few hours on a “simulator” beforehand.
If you crash and burn on the simulator it’s not fatal, but on your live site that’s another matter.


DesktopServerby ServerPress is a good way to load WordPress on your local computer and practice before you make edits to your live site.

  1. Step one get the free version of DesktopServer and install it.
    1. How to install DesktopServer
    2. Getting started with DesktopServer

Now that you have a simulator to learn on you can try everything in the following tutorials, without fear that you might break your live site.


Free resources to start with:

  1. ithemes: WordPress 101 Video Tutorials
    1. What is WordPress
    2. Your WordPress Login
    3. Exploring the WordPress Dashboard
    4. Using the WordPress Admin Bar
    5. Exploring WordPress Settings
    6. WordPress Posts vs Pages
    7. Creating a WordPress Post
    8. Adding Images in WordPress
    9. Using the WordPress Media Library
    10. Formatting WordPress Posts
    11. WordPress Categories and Tags
    12. Creating Users in WordPress


  2. WordPress-TV

Pay resources:

  1. WP101 parts 1-11